Matching the right candidate to the right position is challenging.

Our extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency job-market creates a deep understanding of your needs as an employer.

We track the ideal candidate ensuring an optimal fit, both on the required qualification and company culture levels

Our services include:

  • In-depth definition of the required qualifications

  • Identifying and approaching matching candidates

  • Interviewing the selected candidates
    – face-to-face or by teleconference
    – With or without a representative from your company


  • Creation of a detailed candidate review including conclusions drawn during the interview

  • Interview preparation with your company human resource representative

  • Finding your ideal employee

As our client, you will benefit from our substantial network in the blockchain and cryptocurrency professional world.
Rather than merely matching a candidate’s technical qualifications to a client’s technical requests, we pride ourselves on providing real matchmaking, the best way to ensure optimal satisfaction of all parties and minimize employee churn rate.

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