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Companies Involved in the Crypto/Blockchain world

Israel based (or has an Israeli office):


We are building a next-generation decentralized IoT platform where data owners can capture the full value of their data


We represent the global ecosystem of augmented reality, built on the blockchain technology. We are merging together real and virtual worlds...


A zero time transaction approval infrastructure for blockchain based services.


Avenews-GT provides a platform for the commercial trade of agricultural produce where industrial sellers and buyers can conduct the entire trade process in a secure and transparent ecosystem. 


Backfeed develops the foundational tools that work on top of blockchain technology in order to empower Decentralized Collaborations. It provides the protocols that make it possible for any disparate group of individuals to easily deploy decentralized applications based on spontaneous, large-scale and free collaboration. 


Decentralized Liquidity Network that allows you to hold any Ethereum token and convert it to any other token in the network


Barrel Protocol automates consumer data compliance using smart contracts.


Baxo is a decentralized ad exchange for AR platforms, with unique advertising technologies for AR.
We use blockchain technology to create an efficient and transparent solution.


Scalable confidential cryptocurrency- Mimblewimble implementation


Cryptocurrency exchange. 


Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies in the easiest, fastest and most secure way - everywhere.


Reputation management and consumer protection for the Bitcoin ecosystem.


A Global, Decentralized Marketplace for Student Employment.

Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience​​.

Powered by Ethereum Blockchain.


Bittax crypto tax calculation and reporting platform paves the way for crypto currency usage worldwide.

Bits of Gold

An online Bitcoin and Ethereum broker in Israel. We provide easy and regulation-compliant commercial and private services for conversion between Fiat currencies and Crypto currencies, using several payment methods.


Online cryptocurrency exchange. Our platform provides a fast and easy to use trading platform (buying/selling) in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies.


Blockium is an educational trading platform that makes the trading experience more competitive while trading in stocks and other assets.


Blox is the next generation platform suited for companies and individuals for managing & tracking their crypto assets.


BloxTax is a tax optimization and calculation solution for crypto investors/ user/ merchants. BloxTax connects to exchanges and public blockchains allowing it to scan and retrieve all relevant user transactions (using public wallet keys), fees and taxable events that may affect the user's tax liabilities or exposure.


A blockchain based loyalty program that rewards gamers simply for playing.

Cannabium is a cannabis extracts marketplace built on the blockchain and backed by a real asset.

Cannabium is developing a decentralized platform using blockchain technology for the medical cannabis industry. The platform will enable Cannabis extract producers and buyers to operate in an efficient, transparent marketplace, allowing an equilibrium between producers and buyers, thanks to smart-contract technology.


A financial market for diamonds powered by blockchain and machine learning

Cedex is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets. With its extensive industry knowledge, CEDEX wants to engineer a ground-breaking change – enabling people to liquidate and invest in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way.


ChainKey bridges the gap between banking and crypto markets to drive mainstream adoption of digital currencies. ChainKey provides banks with a comprehensive, on-premise solution that enables them to offer digital currency custodianship services to end users with the security, trust and ease-of-use that consumers crave.


ChromaWay is a blockchain technology company. Since 2014, we have worked with institutions, governments and companies to provide go-to-market solutions for different financial sectors.

Clear Blockchain Technologies

Clear builds blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks for global industries. Using enterprise-grade blockchain technologies and programmable smart contracts, these networks allow near-real-time settlement and automatic intelligent dispute resolution on a global scale.

ClearSky Cyber Security

ClearSky vision is to develop Cyber Security solutions that are tailored to the needs of large organizations, especially large Financial and Government Organizations that deal with a high level of Cyber Threat.


Coalichain is a decentralized-democracy ecosystem, based on blockchain, smart-contracts and crypto. It delivers effective, accountable, people-driven governance to any organization from DAOs, through companies, NGOs, municipalities and all the way to general elections. Coalichain enables tracking the performance of elected officials and hold them accountable.


The business activity of the company is to sell virtual coins via credit cards through an online platform the company operates, found


Cointelligence is the data layer for the new crypto economy. We create transparency and trust through accurate and up-to-date cryptoassets data and information to help our customers make better business and investment decisions.


Colu wants to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency market and everyday consumers.

Colu plans to bring cryptocurrencies to a mainstream audience by removing the barriers to access, and by helping people trust and understand what we believe to be the future of money.

How will we do it? By connecting everyday purchases through our digital wallet app to a payment network that enables token based incentives.


Commerce is evolving. A few years from now, digital currencies will play a central role in our lives, replacing coins, cash, cards and cheques. They will enable us to transact more easily, more cost-effectively and with greater security than ever before.


COTI aspires to bring about this change by becoming the Currency of the Internet – the first digital currency to achieve widespread adoption in consumer transactions.


Cryptocurrecy and Blockchain news site

Crypto Next

Crypto Next aims to make Digital Currencies Easy. We will accept the largest amount of Crypto Currencies and the largest amount of Fiat Currencies. Our software will be available in white label format and anyone can incorporate an exchange in their existing or newly created websites.


CryptoPotato is a world leading source in news, analysis and information for investment on digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and its underlying technology – the blockchain.


Curv provides the industry’s first cloud-based Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service. Powered by groundbreaking cryptography, Curv mitigates the blockchain’s irreversible single point of failure by eliminating the concept of private keys and providing an enterprise-grade policy engine. Curv makes it quick and easy to add new assets to any portfolio, without having to use any hardware or manage blockchain infrastructures.


DAGlabs' primary mission is to solve blockchain's scalability challenge by using blockDAG protocols. BlockDAGs are Directed Acyclic Graphs of blocks. 


An operating system for collective intelligence. DAOstack powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale. 


DNAtix is a cutting-edge genetics and blockchain company providing anonymous and encrypted genetic services including: analysis, storage and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through a Direct-to Consumer platform (D2C).


Play is the a decentralized file format. It allows content owners to completely control their data at any given time, while significantly reducing their storage and bandwidth utilization. Play is a decentralized file format that can encapsulate all types of digital content within it (e.g., images, videos, audios, documents, live streams, etc.).


A decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem, combined with fintech crowd wisdom & AI application. Traders, private investors, investment funds and financial institutions can get their financial estimates in a transparent and effective smart method, in the growing digital economy.

Endor Software

After years of research in Social Physics at the MIT Media Lab, developing a newfound science analyzing complex human behavior, Endor invented the "Google for predictive analytics"​ (MIT News). Since 2014, Endor provides an automated Predictive Analytics service for companies. Endor enables business leaders to ask predictive questions and quickly gain new market insights, boosting growth among new and existing customers.


Enigma is creating a decentralized, open, secure data marketplace that allows people, companies and organizations to contribute and consume data. Subscribing to a data source is managed on-chain, including rewards and penalties, which are exchanged using our token. The data itself, its storage and transmission, lives off-chain. In that sense, the blockchain acts as the controller of the network while the off-chain network handles everything else.


Trade & Invest in Stocks, Currencies, Indices and Commodities (CFDs). 
Investing in the world’s most popular financial markets has never been easier.


EquityX offers top early stage VCs & Accelerators an elegant solution of awarding founders & employees of their startups with the upside of other startups funded by them. EquityX enables the alignment between the investor, its startups and the startups’ founders and employees.


The first solution for safe and secure financial contracts on any blockchain


First Group creates products and services for the digital assets economy through incubation, investments and partnerships


We enable bitcoin developers, merchants & service providers to speed up their checkout or deposit process by accepting zero confirmation bitcoin transactions.

Greeneum Network

A decentralized platform that rewards you for supporting an eco-friendly future. Greeneum leverages cutting edge disruptive technology, including blockchain, smart contracts and targeted machine learning (AI), to create an unparalleled reliable, comprehensive and potentially unlimited data platform for the renewable energy market.


HA$HWARE - Making Crypto Currency's Profitable We Are an Israeli Company Specialized in Mining Technology's Hardware and Crypto Currency's (BitCoin Etc.)


IoT threat detection protocol (based on a patented technology) that uses a global, crowdsourced IoT device hDNA(profiles) database, on the ORBS blockchain


HopIt's mission is to build the Internet of Knowledge. By commoditizing knowledge for everyone, we are leading the knowledge revolution, We bring together people who seek knowledge with the people who have it. Imagine a world where you can easily acquire the best answer for every question you have, simply by asking.


Ibinex is a full stack dedicated and private institutional white label platform where anyone can set up their own customised cryptocurrency exchange.


inFASH is a fashion social-commerce platform that allows you to post stylish looks, tag the items in your look with links from the brands website, and get a reward for each sale!

Innovesta Technologies

Innovesta is a Unique Digital platform for early stage equity investments, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to incorporate effective real-time crowd-diligence process. Innovesta’s groundbreaking technology is built to serve Lead Investors, New Non-accredited angels & Entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe


Inspecto was founded to provide a solution for the proper means to identify the presence of contaminant residues in food. Contaminants are a problem across the global food industry. Growers, producers, handlers, retailers, and end consumers are subjected daily to contaminants from pesticides, herbicides, over-fertilization, and cross-contamination.


INVioU’s fintech platform provides a disruptive solution to the barriers of the SME invoice financing and factoring industry. Unlike the existing cumbersome and costly solutions, a digital factoring marketplace built on INVioU’s blockchain platform is offering instant optimized financing, propelled by a community network effect, highly beneficial to all stakeholders.

iOlite Foundation

iOlite is a crowd intelligence platform for allowing non-programmers to write smart contracts and design blockchain applications by using their natural language


As the Internet-of-Things keep expanding, the need for interoperability and sharing of resources become a necessity. IOTA enables companies to explore new business-2-business models by making every technological resource a potential service to be traded on an open market in real time, with no fees.


Kin is a new digital currency created by the team behind Kik. Soon, you will be able to earn and spend Kin inside of Kik.


Kirobo's platform allows every wallet to become an on-chain wallet by harnessing the power of smart contracts.


We will offer the first non-custodial digital currency wallet that removes the need to manage your private keys. We use a mobile-first software approach with cutting-edge cryptography to secure your crypto assets.


Lendoit is a P2P Lending platform, which connects borrowers and lenders from all over the world in a trusted, fast and easy way using the advantages of Smart Contracts and the Blockchain technology. 
Lendoit creates a fair lending economy, enabling borrowers to get better rates and lenders to get better returns.


The Liberdy Data Foundation is a non- profit, dedicated to creating a secure, transparent and decentralized platform that protects users

Macro Bit

All the information about the cryptographic coins world is in one place! In our website you can find guides, tips and updates about Bitcoin and other digital coins. On the website you can see the Bitcoin exchange gate, use a conversion calculator and read helpful guides, keep up with the news and more.


Matchpool uses cryptocurrency payments as a means for incentivising the communities to provide value to the rest of the network. We want to give community owners and members a means of being appreciated for content or actions that benefit the members inside the network. We will offer products that provide solutions for community owners to run successful businesses.

Materials zone

Materials.Zone is a blockchain ecosystem and intellectual property repository of materials that automatically collects and indexes the smallest building blocks of research. This enables Materials.Zone to mediate the provision of services between researchers and entities that are interested in materials with specific properties.


Millnetrix's mission is to enable simplified financial solutions in the evolving world of digital currencies.


Mobilechain is a blockchain platform for mobile apps that aims to transform the mobile economy by bringing blockchain to the masses. Through the Mobilechain SDK, Mobilechain delivers secure and accessible blockchain technologies into the apps that consumers use every day.


Open platform for building blockchains. MultiChain helps organizations to build and deploy blockchain applications with speed.


MyShield is an innovative decentralized anti-scam platform. It is determent to inspire confidence when executing online transactions. Powered by both AI cyber intelligence and crowd wisdom, MyShield provides a constantly improving layer of security for the Crypto-currency Ecosystem and eventually for the entire e-commerce world.


Olistics is a global foundation aimed at solving the wasteful chaos in the modern supply chain by means of a standard, open-source platform on the blockchain. The new standard will enable the various logistics stakeholders along the supply chain to connect, communicate and develop their business effortlessly with improved traceability, visibility, and trust between all parties.


Orbs provides the blockchain infrastructure that makes it possible for established consumer brands to transition their millions of existing users to the new decentralized economy.


PAI is an intelligent platform from decentralized applications. PAI provides a development platform and a marketplace where everyone can develop, sell and buy decentralized apps (D'APPS), AI algorithms and Data. PAI assists the end-user in the building of decentralized app for any business requirement, simply and affordably.


A decentralized delivery network. 


PayKey bridges the gap between banking and social, enabling banks to have their brands become a part of their customers’ social and messaging experience.


Platin allows anyone to geo-locate a digital asset (cryptocurrencies, documents, images, etc.), anywhere on the map, anywhere in the world, in real time. This is made possible through open, privacy preserving zero knowledge proofs developed as part of the Platin protocol. 


Portis is a technology company that wants to make sure any person in the world can use decentralized applications, just as easily as they use "regular" apps.


A new and innovative company that seeks to decentralize internet markets. As we are well-aware of the gap that exists between online billing needs and the existing solutions, we are currently working on decentralizing the billing industry by developing a blockchain-based billing protocol (PumaPay).


A platform that combines the advantages of coordinating all involved parties (Blockchain technology) with the necessity of non-data disclosure for legal or business motives (Zero Knowledge Proof cryptology)


Data management, reporting and analytics platform, working to solve the problems of royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator offers a turnkey solution for today’s digital business, enabling rights owners to manage their assets, rights, and data with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency in an easy to use web and mobile interface.


Social spending community and positive-engagement ecosystem for brands and consumers. Consumers provide anonymous access to their personal financial data and earn rewards when it’s used in digital media campaigns.


Safebit is a collaboration network that enables unprecedented human cooperation, at scale.

Identity based, cross-chain, cross-platform wallet — a blockchain application platform that simplifies payments and crypto asset management for individuals and organizations.


SafeBlocks Firewall is a system that offers your smart contract an additional layer of real-time protection. Most DApp security options rely on pre-deployment audits. SafeBlocks defends against value attacks and unauthorized transactions as soon as your smart contract is deployed on the blockchain.

Saga Foundation

Saga is a unique digital currency designed to address real concerns of public policy. Guided by clear, transparent monetary policy; enjoying the advice and oversight of global professional leaders; and harnessing the advantages of Blockchain contracts


The SciDex Protocol enables users to automatically generate unforgeable, compliant, human readable and adaptable smart contracts at scale via plain text input. This empowers mainstream businesses to use smart contracts to provide services or exchange goods.


SigmaDots secures interactions between connected devices with advanced blockchain technology. We empower connected ecosystems with a fully-secured platform and actionable business insights. We enable the machine-to-machine economy, while ensuring maximum scalability and interoperability.

SIM Labs

SIM Labs is a network of computers and people which will ultimately allow the connection of various technologies to one another in order to build a modern day Digital Audio Workstation ecosystem which will serve the professional Music production, Live Music, Sound for film and DJ industries.


Simplex is a fintech company that provides worldwide fraudless payment processing. Simplex’s technology has a proven track record in precarious cryptocurrency environments, and allows exchanges, brokers, wallets, merchants and marketplaces to conduct business online with complete fraud protection.

Sirin Labs

SIRIN LABS - the developer of SOLARIN, an ultra-secure mobile phone - is holding a crowdsale event. Funds raised will support the development of FINNEY™, the first open source blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC.

Slice RE

Slice offers unprecedented liquidity to conventional real estate equity investments, while creating an attractive portfolio diversification tool for high net worth individuals (HNW).

Snip News

Snip is a new type of news platform, decentralized and powered by the community. On Snip, anyone can write a short news story about any topic and be rewarded for creating awesome snippets. The stories are presented to users in a personalized news feed, powered by open-source algorithms.


Spacemesh is a fair Blockmesh operating system designed to run programable cryptocurrency at web scale


Spondoolies is a crypto-currency mining gear company. First and foremost, we focus on enabling crypto-currencies to flourish. Crypto-currencies are the future. It is going to be THE WAY in which financial transactions take place.

StarkWare Industries

StarkWare Industries commercializes STARK, the zero-knowledge proof protocol. Its full proof stack will improve blockchains'​ scalability and privacy.


Synereo is developing tools which allow content creators to easily monetize original works without having to turn their channels into advertisment real estate, while granting their followers the opportunity to be rewarded for getting the word out.


Open Standard of communication between the Wallets and Applications. Can be implemented by any Wallet App or Hardware Wallet to enable interaction with the blockchain (or crypto payments) applications. Full Web3 support and more.

The Floor

The Floor is a global Fintech innovation center working with six of the world's largest financial institutions. At The Floor we provide access to innovative solutions for the business needs faced by our international financial institutions through the use of both in-house R&D and innovative Fintech startups.


Trusti enables the creation of accredited and identified cryptocurrency wallets, with specific attributes defined by the authority certifying them. This not only helps secure blockchain transactions against fraudulent practice, but means governmental and corporate entities can create branded wallets, only to be held by identified, accredited persons such as securities traders, people of a defined age range or nationals of a specific country.

Unbound Tech

Unbound applies revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics to allow secrets to be used without ever being exposed, thus ensuring digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere.


VeganCoin is the fuel that drives a global vegan ecosystem. The day-to-day needs of hundreds of millions of people will be met on our blockchain-based, decentralized marketplace. VeganNation alongside VeganCoin will empower humanity to move towards a more conscious and ethical future.


Velona offers institutional-grade insured and secured custodian service for digital assets. velona is the first company in the world to offer an innovative technological custodian solution which is fully backed up and insured by the leading global insurance companies in the world (A+ S&P Rated), thus providing that the digital assets are both safe and insured when they are stored with Velona.


VinX is a blockchain based Platform that enables thousands of wineries to streamline funding by selling wine futures and developing direct connections with their consumers.


Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd., is a technology company dedicated to making cryptocurrencies accessible to the public, specifically by creating payment solutions for businesses and consumers which combine Application Programming Interfaces and Mobile Applications, for implementation across ATM’s, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices


WAVE connects all members of the supply chain to a decentralized network and allows them a direct exchange of documents. WAVE's application manages ownership of documents on the blockchain eliminating disputes, forgeries and unnecessary risks.


Wemark is a blockchain-based marketplace for digital property starting with photos.


Rating, research and analysis for the Blockchain. Based on several years of Blockchain research, we developed a unique "Credit Score"​ solution that study digital identities interactions and behavior.


Decentralized applications for Blockchain-based evaluation, funding and early adopter engagement. Crowd AI with Ethereum and IPFS.


Zeex is in pole position to unlock the huge potential of cryptocurrency adoption for day-to-day shopping. We empower consumers to securely and easily buy and sell a rich array of services and products directly with businesses using blockchain technology.

Zen Protocol

The Zen Protocol lets users create assets backed by collateral on a decentralized network, rather than held by middle-men.

Zinc Protocol

Zinc is a user-centric, blockchain based advertising protocol that empowers users to choose which data they share with advertisers and rewards them for viewing ads.

2Key Network

An innovative​ platform empowering anyone to create Social Sourcing campaigns - incentivising the human network to achieve results of value via result-driven online virality.


99Bitcoins is an information website about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for newbies. We translate Bitcoin to plain English


101 Blockchains is a fast-growing blog which was launched in 2018 with the aim to cover the blockchain economy. 101 Blockchains provides useful information about the blockchain ecosystem, for beginners to experts. 

Alignment Blockchain Hub

Alignment is the Premier One-Stop-Shop For Blockchain Creation & Transformation. We consult, develop and fund Blockchain early-stage projects and existing companies, from inception through ICO, and beyond.

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