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6 Day In-person Course in Blockchain

The Technology and What it Can Do

In collaboration with the Israeli Bitcoin Association

Blockchain technologies are here to stay, and they are changing the world. Learn how you can join the revolution.

Come away from this course ready for employment in the world of cryptocurrencies!


Why blockchain technology makes decentralization possible and what it means for the future of both technology and business 

How Bitcoin mining works 

Acquire the tools you need to find a job in the blockchain technologies  environment

Where your skills fit in the emerging new economy of cryptocurrencies

All The Important Info

April - May



Ramat Gan


3 Weeks

2 Meetings

Each Week

Sunday & 


Evening Hours



5,500 NIS 

Our Vision

Bitcoin is more than a currency. It is the first step toward a better world, a world that can't be controlled by centralized institutions. With cryptocurrencies, the power is in the hands of the individual. You can be that individual.

Blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, is taking over. It's happening quicker than people think, and changing the industry as we know it.

The revolution has already started. Now is the time to jump on board. 


With this intensive 6-day course designed for developers, you'll learn all of the tools you need to excel in the world of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. You'll learn how the system works, why we need it, and most importantly, what you can do with it. 

About the course

Our course is taught by industry experts. They’ll provide you with a solid base in blockchain technologies, and enable you to pursue a career in the field. 
Our instructors are tech industry professionals which will take your skills to the next level.

You will learn about:

Bitcoin and the technology behind it

The dynamics of cryptocurrencies, like what happens when a coin splits through a hard fork

How can we harness the Innovative Power of smart contracts

There is great demand for people with real blockchain experience. THIS is how you get the exposure, background, and expertise employers want to see.  


Julia Vishnevsky

Julia is a Blockchain Tech Lead at Millentrix - cryptocurrency trading and management platform. Blockchain enthusiast by day/crypto trader by night. She has 8+ years of experience in the industry as a Web & Mobile Engineer. 

Received her Bachelor’s degree at the age of 18. Lecturer, Mentor & Organizer of many tech events. 

Udi Wertheimer


Udi is a veteran Bitcoiner, a protocol developer and researcher. He was involved with the development of the Colored Coins project, and is helping businesses and investors to critically evaluate up-and-coming innovations in the space. He strongly believes that protocol developers must excel in one thing and one thing only: breaking their own protocols.

Shlomi Zeltsinger 


Shlomi started coding for bitcoin and ethereum in 2014. He has been giving classes on blockchain for developers in Brazil, USA and Israel and consulted many companies and startups on how to work and implement bitcoin and ethereum related technologies.



The course will be taught in Hebrew but some knowledge of English is required. Development experience is REQUIRED.

April - May



Ramat Gan


3 Weeks

2 Meetings

Each Week

Sunday & 


Evening Hours



5,500 NIS 

The course curriculum

Day 1


Shlomi Zeltsinger


Greeting and house rules



  • History of digital currencies. David Chum, DigiCash, blind signature and online payment services

  • What made decentralization feasible


Cryptographic functions

  • The use of cryptography in Bitcoin (and Ethereum)

  • The hashing function. Use cases and how to work with it (inc. merkle trees)

Day 2


Shlomi Zeltsinger



  • What is the relation between the keys and addresses

  • Understanding the role of the address when determining Bitocin transaction type

  • Creating different addresses (p2pkh un/compressed, test/mainnet)

Day 3


Shlomi Zeltsinger


  • The transaction structure. Reading the official documentation and parsing a simple bitcoin transaction

  • How transactions are tied? (UTXO)

  • Understanding fees and exchange addresses

  • Transaction types and scripts

  • Creating a p2pkh transaction

Day 4


Udi Wetheimer

Networking and propagation

  • Types of nodes (full vs. light, archival vs. pruned)

  • What is the mempool?

  • Transaction fees

  • Replace-by-fee

  • Peer messaging

  • Transaction propagation

  • Block propagation

  • Compact blocks

  • Blockheaders and POW

Day 5


Julia Vishnevsky


  • Ethereum network fundamentals 

  • EVM - Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Blockchain Explorer

  • Ethers, Gas

  • Use cases in different industries

  • Solidity Language

Day 6


Julia Vishnevsky


Smart Contract Development

  • Truffle - development framework for Ethereum

  • Testing smart contracts with Mocha - JavaScript test framework

  • Smart contract Deployment

  • Contract development standards (ERC) & best practices

  • OpenZeppelin - development framework for secure and reusable smart contracts

  • ERC20 Token Implementation

Hurry up and secure your spot today!

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