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DevOps engineer

A new white label cryptocurrency exchange company is looking for a smart, experienced DevOps engineer who can thrive in an agile environment.

This is an opportunity to join a team of experts and part of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Desired Skill Set


  • Experience in Linux/Unix - based systems

  • Experience in scale-out system design

  • Experience with Monitoring: Graffana, OMD (Nagios, Thruk), Cacti, NewRelic.

  • Experience with blockchain infrastructure

  • Knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure: AWS, AWS-Cli, DO User data, Google Cloud

  • Knowledge of web servers, logging and debugging, security, networking and firewalls.

  • Knowledge of zero-downtime deployment procedures and software, software versioning.

  • Experience in server provisioning and automation via Ansible, Vagrant, Docker or similar procedures.

  • Deployment of new technologies and zero-downtime system modifications, autoscaling, and load balancing.

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